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  • What is MODOMOTO?

    MODOMOTO is a Curated Shopping Service for men. We help you dress well without setting foot in a store. Our style experts choose articles which fit your style and compliment your features.

  • How old do I have to be to use MODOMOTO?

    MODOMOTO is a service for men which caters to their special requirements. Therefore, we only accept adult customers.

  • Who are the MODOMOTO style experts?

    Our style experts are real pros with backgrounds in different areas of fashion and an eye for the perfect look. Learn more about our team here.

  • Is MODOMOTO just for fashion experts?

    Not at all. MODOMOTO is a service for men who are not interested in or don't have time to go shopping, yet still want to be well dressed. Although, more than a few fashion experts use our service as well.

  • What will I find in my MODOMOTO-Box? Can I order additional items?

    You will always receive complete outfits which can be combined with each other. If you would like to order additonal pants or other articles, you can do so via the 'Finishing Touch' option when ordering a Box. You can also add a note to our style experts in the empty text field for additional remarks.

  • How does MODOMOTO work?

    When signing up with MODOMOTO, you'll fill out a questionnaire and answer questions regarding size, personal style, and your average spending on clothing. Afterwards, our style experts will assemble two outfits based on your responses, and we'll deliver them right to your door. Learn more about our process here.

  • Which sizes does MODOMOTO offer?

    We currently offer t-shirts, shirts and sweaters in sizes S-XXXL, pants in sizes 28-42 (width) and 30-36 (length). We're working to extend this range, and will keep you updated on any new offerings in our newsletter.

  • Can I order suits from MODOMOTO?

    We are pleased to now offer suits, and would be happy to assemble an outfit for you based on a suit. However, please understand that we currently only have a limited number of articles and sizes available, so we might not always be able to include one in your Box. Let your personal stylist know if you require a suit, or choose the option 'suit' when adding a 'Finishing Touch' to your Box. Additionally, we also offer the option to try your suit, as well as any other outfit, on in our Berlin Fitting Room. Please visit our Fitting Room page for further information.

  • Can women order from MODOMOTO too?

    We don't sell women's clothes. However, you can get vouchers worth various amounts for the men in your life from our gift shop. A MODOMOTO Box makes a great gift for Christmas, Easter or Fathers' Day.

  • How often will MODOMOTO send me a Box?

    This is entirely up to you. We'll only send you a new MODOMOTO-Box if you order one. You can do this at any time with just a few clicks on the user dashboard. If you wish to regularly receive new outfits, please let us know. Our style experts are happy to help!

  • What do clothes from MODOMOTO cost? Are there any discounts?

    MODOMOTO offers clothes at the same prices you'll find in the department stores and fashion boutiques where you typically shop. There's no additional charge for consultation or delivery. MODOMOTO does not, however, offer clearance items. Because we aim to provide top-quality fashion to our customers, we sell articles beginning at the following prices: Shirts from €40, T-shirts from €20, Sweaters from €50, Pants from €50, Blazers and Jackets from 90 €, Accessories from €20. You can choose your preferred price category when signing up. Learn more about our prices" here.

  • Is there a minimum purchase value, and what if I don't like something?

    There is no minimum purchase value. If you don't like any of the articles in your MODOMOTO-Box, you can return them all or in part free of charge.

  • What kind of fashion does MODOMOTO offer?

    MODOMOTO specialises in top-quality fashion. We offer comfortable clothes from reputable brands known for their quality and style. You can choose between four different styles: Casual, Trendy, Business Casual and Classic. Learn more about our styles, and view the selection of brands we offer here.

  • When do I have to pay for the articles?

    Of course, you only have to pay for the articles you keep. An invoice will be created as soon as we receive your returned articles and enter them into the system. Should we not receive anything back from you, we'll assume we did a great job and you want to keep everything. In which case, we'll send you an invoice for the entire MODOMOTO-Box. The invoice will be sent via Email. You can also review your invoice online, and download it at any time from the user dashboard by choosing 'My Boxes' from the menu.

  • How do I pay for the articles?

    You will receive the invoice for your MODOMOTO-Box via Email. In this Email you'll find links to the different methods of payment which we offer. Additionally, you can also settle your invoice on the user dashboard by choosing 'My Boxes' from the menu. Of course, you can also simply transfer the amount due on your invoice to our bank account. Please remember to include your invoice number.

  • Which methods of payment does MODOMOTO accept?

    After receiving the invoice, you will be offered various methods of payment, e.g. payment via credit card, Sofortüberweisung, PayPal or payment via invoice. We reserve the right in advance to only accept selected methods of payment. Please find more information on this in paragraph 7.3 of our Terms and Conditions.

  • Is my solvency going to be checked?

    MODOMOTO would like to offer its clients the best possible solution to try on outfits in the comfort of their own home, without having to pay all the goods beforehand. In order to possibly approve the customer for the payment method `invoice´, MODOMOTO assigns a credit check to Bürgel and for clients in Germany additionally to SCHUFA. The credit agencies receive the name, the date of birth and the address data of the client. In return the credit agencies send MODOMOTO a value concerning the probability of failure (“score”) and, if existent, information about possible negative effects on the payment performance (e.g. an ongoing collection process) as well as stored address and identity information (e.g. “identity checked”). Negative scores can prompt MODOMOTO to not offer certain payment methods or to demand a preauthorization (reservation) in the amount of € 100 on the credit card before the actual purchase. Additional information concerning this topic can be found in our terms and conditions under point 7.5.

  • Where can I check whether the payment for my Box has been received?

    You can find all information regarding your order on your MODOMOTO user dashboard. By choosing 'My Boxes' from the menu, you'll be able to see whether your Box has already been paid for. It can take up to three days until a change in status is visible in our system, depending on your credit institute. In order to process your payment as quickly as possible, please don't forget to specify your invoice number when you make your payment.

  • How do I change my sizes, style preferences, or personal data?

    You can change any of your data at any time on the user dashboard . Here you'll find the selections you made in our questionnaire, which you can change according to your current requirements.

  • How does MODOMOTO know what will fit me?

    From experience! When you choose MODOMOTO, you work with real fashion experts who take your special requests into consideration. If you prefer, we offer additional consultations with our style experts via phone. If you don't like an article after you've received it, we encourage you to take note of the reasons for returning it on the enclosed feedback form. We'll take this feedback into consideration when assembling your next Box! We hope that with every MODOMOTO-Box we send, we'll get to know you better and better, and match your tastes more closely.

  • Why am I asked to upload images of myself?

    This is optional of course, but we would like to assemble outfits for you that really fit. An image helps our style experts select articles for you. In combination with your style preferences and selections, this helps us get a better idea of your type.

  • Where does MODOMOTO ship to?

    MODOMOTO delivers within Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to any other countries at the moment, however, we're working on extending our service to additional European countries soon.

  • How quickly will I receive my MODOMOTO-Box?

    We will typically ship your MODOMOTO-Box within a week. After the Box has been shipped, you'll receive an Email with a personal tracking code for your delivery. You can also check on your MODOMOTO-Box's status at any time on your user dashboard by choosing 'My Boxes' in the menu.

  • How do returns work?

    The Box contains a return ticket. Simply apply it to your carefully sealed MODOMOTO-Box, and drop it off at the nearest post office. Return delivery is straighforward, simple, and - if you use the enclosed ticket - free of charge.

  • I would like to submit a complaint. What do I do?

    If an item does not meet your expected standards of quality, our experts will be here to help. In order to fully understand the nature of the defect, we need two to three clear images which show the damaged area as well as the article's brand label. Please send these, along with a short description of the issue and your customer ID, via Email to We will then discuss the next steps with you.

  • How does 'Friends invite Friends' work?

    Invite a friend to try MODOMOTO and you will receive a €50 reward which will be added to your rewards account as soon as your friend orders a Box via your invitation link and keeps articles with a minimum purchase value of €150. You will receive your reward as soon as your friend settles his invoice with MODOMOTO. No minimum purchase value applies for yourself, you can simply redeem your reward with your next Box order. The friend you invite will also receive a reward of €50 which he can redeem with a minimum purchase value of €150.

  • Is there a membership or service fee?

    No. You only pay for the articles you keep. Delivery is paid both ways by MODOMOTO. We are not a subscription service.

  • I want to apply at MODOMOTO. Where do I find job openings?

    Our team is continuously growing, and we're always excited to have new people join us. You can find our open positions on our careers page. We're also happy to receive speculative applications.

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